What does your floor plan look like?

blue prints, floor plans for bungalows

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Those of you that have a bungalow/craftsman-style house, would you be willing to make a rough drawing of your floor plan and post it? <br> <br>One person who posted some before and after pictures had her washer and dryer in her kitchen with a front load washer with doors that close over front of them ... I'd *really* like to see that floor plan. I'm interested in *everyone's* floor plan. I've got an idea in my head of what I want, but I'm having an awful time figuring out how to get it on paper. <br>
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I have a floor plan that I created based on the Assessor's footprint of the house. I will scan it and send you the link ASAP. <br> <br>Also, I was wondering if your signature image is from an ofoto website or your own. I can't seem to get mine to work. <br> <br>Thanks, <br> <br>Irene Volenick <br>Tucson, Arizona
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Irene, your image icon doesn't work because you entered "[image]http://images.ofoto.com/photos432/4/38/67/4/92/0/92046738405_0_SM.jpg[image]" in the box where you put the URL of the image. In this particular case, you shouldn't use "[image]" -- just change it to http://images.ofoto.com/photos432/4/38/ ... 5_0_SM.jpg and it should work. <br> <br>About floor plans, this thread was also started in another forum, and got more responses there. You can read it here and see my floor plan drawing if you like. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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Image <br> <br>Click on the thumbnail to see the full floorplan! <br> <br>[img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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Here's a very rough floor plan, it lists outside dimensions of the house, but inside is NOT accurate at all. I've never seen a floorplan quite like ours: <br> <br>IC Craftsman floorplan <br> <br>I've been thinking about our floor plan quite a bit lately, we are considering buying another old house and moving, it would mean trading a place that is nearly finished after 18 years of work and probably starting over in restoration. It also means trading a big house full of little rooms (on first floor especially) for a bigger house with bigger, but fewer rooms. It has some really intriguing features and some real drawbacks. If the price were a bargain (we have the highest median home price in the state) it would be a much easier decision... <br> <br>-Mike

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Here's a very not-to-scale drawing of my floorplan. <br> <br> <br>Image
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If you click on my profile and go to my "homepage", you go to Image Station, where I have photos and my downstairs floor plan drawing (the last slide).

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I am a digital designer, and I enjoy creating bungalow homes in 3D. Maybe I can help you. You can view my digital designs of bungalow, mission-style furniture, and everything from Harley-Davidsons to ancient Greek and Roman structures at: http://threedee.3dup.net <br>

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here is what I have...atlest I think its a bungalow.. <br>I am told it is called a 4 square. the onlything I dont like is this weird hallway to the kitchen, and the bathroom is so small, but I love the livingroom and bedrooms : ) <br> <br>http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/webbchaos/album?.dir=/2383 <br> <br>I would love to find a floorplan...just to see <br>if mine is a bungalow I think it would be a sears, I haven't found the tail tail signs ie.. markings in the rafters and joist...but sears was big here around the time my house was built.
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A four square is a two story house that is, well kind of square. The front of yours is sort of colonial revivalish. Of course there is always some overlap in definitions and styles.
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My floor plans are incorporated on my photo album <br>http://www.kodakgallery.com/BrowsePhotos.jsp?&amp;collid=19531451407
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Here's a rough computer drawing of upper and lower floors of my house. click on thumbnail for a larger picture. <br> <br>Image
PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2005 8:46 pm
We're building and should be completed by Dec 2005. <br> <br>Check out our link and let us know what you think: <br>www.petalhomeforsale.com/houseplan.html <br> <br>Rick <br> <br>PS: The home isn't for sale...I just used that website to post the pictures

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