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December 8th: Fresno, CA - Holiday Heritage Home Tour

December 13-14th: City of Industry, CA - Historical Holiday Tour

December 14th: Avondale Estates, GA - Christmas Tour of Homes

December 14th - 21st: Oak Park, IL - Victorian Christmas Tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

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Issue 76 on Newsstands Now

Our Winter 2012  issue has arrived this season. Subscribers to American Bungalow will receive the 4th and final print in our Wisdom of Trees series by artist Yoshiko Yamamoto. Stories for this issue include:

Hood Canal Bungalow
A Northwest couple with differences in style taste find common ground in building their dream house on an idyllic fjord of Puget Sound.
Bonus Gallery Here

A House on the Pacific Rim
The author remembers the Heineman brothers, a pair of “rank amateurs” who built some of Pasadena’s loveliest homes, including a
meticulously restored Arts and Crafts masterpiece- the James Allen Freeman house. Bonus gallery can be found here

Some Beauty of Line, in Lovely Clothes
Celebrating a purely American style (and the
surprising French obsession that drove a
flood of “Gibson Girl” shirtwaist exports to Paris),
a seductive exhibition debuts at the Stickley Museum
at Craftsman Farms.

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