Dear American Bungalow Subscriber:

It’s high time I let you know what’s going on at American Bungalow. Our publishing schedule has been dismal, yet your patience and tolerance confirm what I have always believed about our community.

American Bungalow runs on a very thin margin. I permitted this edgy situation because it allowed us to deliver a unique product we are proud of. Last spring a vendor we’ve relied on for years let us down with our renewal letters. Cash flow stumbled over its own feet and fell to the ground. Expenses continued.

We were able to publish only one issue in 2019, AB 98. Number 99 has been on the printer’s doorstep since September, awaiting the price of admission. Number 100, a landmark edition, is largely complete—except for printing.

To revitalize the magazine, we are temporarily offering substantially discounted back issues to subscribers only.  You can help us endure this series of setbacks and continue delivering what you rightfully expect from American Bungalow by taking advantage of this once in a lifetime special. Click here to view the offers we have in store for you.

American Bungalow celebrates a way of life I needn’t explain to you. It is the only quality publication of its kind. We believe in what we preach and new generations are catching the wave of interest. Help us publicize the appeal of Arts & Crafts and rescue even more bungalows, just as we have for almost 30 years.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

John Brinkmann.

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