Adding A New Page


Adding A New Page

THE AMERICAN BUNGALOW IS THE OFFSPRING of Arts and Crafts, nurtured by Honesty and Modesty. It is rooted in a culture of romance, poetry, letters and an awakened sensitivity to our integral. connection to nature. It blossomed in a progressive era when humanity began to recognize the folly of its own weaknesses and prejudices, a time when the words you had to say to the world were cast in metal, then printed indelibly and forever-a permanence that inspired a certain reverence for quality. Like the printed word, the quality’built bungalow was meant to last.

Over the past 100 years, times have changed. The bungalow fell from popularity, then regained status as new generations recognized its timeless virtues. Print, too, survives, but loses ground daily as the electronic age flourishes. To an’old warrior from the age of print, this new age of instant, continuous, worldwide communication is both wondrous and alarming. The information of all mankind is available online, yet weeding out the blither and misinformation can be overwhelming.

The digital revolution most affects the field of communication, and American Bungalow is about communicating, Taking advantage of the interactive nature of this technology, we have moved AB News to our website where it can be kept current, and we intend to expand our feature coverage beyond the printed page with online supplements. Our increasingly net; worked staff is now blogging on the website, Tweeting on Twitter and Friending on Facebook. We invite you to join us there and contribute’to the dialogue, keeping everyone informed about your bungalows and communities. American Bungalow is really about you, after all.

From the onset it has been our goal to create a magazine that reflects the quality, the artistry and the simple comforts of the houses it calls home. We intend to bring this philosophy to the new medium, benefiting there from its energy, immediacy and great capacity for conversation. Still, when your copy of American Bungalow arrives, it is my hope that you’ll move from the glow of your computer screen to the glow of your hearth, and there-in the original spirit of the bungalow-nestle into your favorite chair to cuddle up with these pages.

Looking forward to hearing from you,





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