Anti Static Bags vs. Static Shielding Bags

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With regards to flexible packaging design, an ESD Antistatic Shielding Bag is any bag made with anti static polymers so that when it rubs or touches other materials it does not create static. Essentially, an anti static bag prevents itself from holding charge . Since it is not holding a charge, it cannot release charge as electrostatic discharges (ESD) when it is laying on a grounded surface. The term “ ant static ” refers to the upper static dissipative range- usually defined as between 1 x 1010 and less than 1 x 1012 ohms/square . Polyethylene and polyesters used in bags for static control are always in this “ anti static ” range.

Commonly LDPE Antistatic Bags are tinted (usually pink or blue) and made of a single layer of polyethylene (

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