What is so special about Cashmere?

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What is so special about Cashmere?
What is Cashmere?

To begin with, Cashmere is the raw wool, the undercoat of a Pashmina goat which is found in Ladakh. Even though, it is found in China, Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal and other region in the world, but Ladakhi Cashmere Series is the best and finest of them all. The Changthangi goat in Ladakh survives a temperature of -40 degrees just because it is covered in this warm fleece. Cashmere keeps the goat warm and comfortable in winters, and is the only protection that the goat has in a freezing temprature.

As soon as Winter bids goodbye, and Spring arrives, this wool becomes a burden for the goat. To get rid of its warmth, it rubs itself with rough surfaces. Fine hair can be seen around on bushes

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