Issue 1 Publishers Letter

They seemed to be everywhere. I grew up in a bungalow and later, as I traveled across the country, bungalows were such a part of the American scene that I took them for granted.

But the affordable bungalow once created a civilized existence for the common man in the United States. Its design, governed by the principles of straightforward simplicity and an affinity for the environment and family life, so popularized the bungalow that is soon spread throughout the land. It was a home every American could dream of owning.

Today we see an emerging renewal of interest in the ingeniously simple, uniquely American architectural form. An interest, nationwide, that has given rise to our new publication. We’re especially thankful for the cooperative spirit and generosity of the bungalow enthusiasts who took the time out of their busy professional lives to contribute the articles for this first edition.

And we warmly thank you for your interest and invite your participation, to write an article about your favorite subject for American Bungalow. Perhaps your expertise is finding Arts and Crafts fixtures. Or it might be woodworking or refinishing — maybe you have a green thumb or a few favorite bungalow era recipes. We’d like you to write about whatever you find most interesting about American bungalow living.

American Bungalow is your forum for sharing information and experiences and brings you practical ideas for restoration and new products appropriate for your home.

We’re glad you’re here with us for this first issue. We want to keep American Bungalow coming your way and hope you enjoy it – and that you’ll share your experiences and ideas with us for future issues. Please call or write me with your suggestions and comments.

Looking forward to hearing from you,



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