To Our Loyal Subscribers,

After months of silence, we certainly owe you an explanation of what’s happening with your favorite magazine. Until now, we ourselves did not know where we stood.

Our determination has not wavered. Unexpected events and economics combined to influence our ability to deliver your issues on time, so we slowed the pace while guaranteeing our issue commitment.

It didn’t work. 2022 was the first year in the 32-year history of the magazine in which we did not release an issue.

Our vision has always been to produce a collectible-quality magazine: a product that is aesthetic yet genuine— one as at home with Greene and Greene as it is with the humblest cozy bungalow. We’ve continued that tradition even when finances suggested we should make quality cuts or switch to digital.

American Bungalow will return, but meeting rising challenges will be critical in determining whether the printed magazine will continue to exist. Most content is contributed. We’re good with that. It is funding and staffing that are needed. Our commitment to subscribers will be honored In some way. American Bungalow should continue in print form!

Going forward, adapting to this new digital age will require more reader support than ever. Deal with us digitally if you like, but please spend your alone time with American Bungalow magazine.

Our magazine is often described as “a labor of love”— because it is. There is love of what we do and conviction about what the magazine represents. We thank you and every American Bungalow subscriber for your loyal support for the past 32 years.

Please keep an eye on this website and Facebook page for further updates.

Thank you,
The Editors

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