Each issue of American Bungalow Magazine features a range of diverse Arts & Crafts topics: from rehab and restoration, to preservation, historical neighborhoods, famous architects, style guides and more!  A selection of these articles can be found below.


Issue 95 – Winnetka Heights: Renewing Dallas’s Ideal Suburb
A tour of one of the area’s largest historic districts.

Issue 94 – Douglas Donaldson and His Peacocks
An Ode to a Beautiful Bird

Issue 93 – Let There Be Light
Dr. Winter’s personal views on the darkness of Arts and Crafts living.

An Artistic and Historical Haven
By Lee Jester. Issue 92: Winter 2016
The Southwest inspires the art of Maynard Dixon.

Oak Ridge – The Barnes House
By Ann Scheid. Issue 91: Fall 2016
Explore the Clifford Webster Barnes home designed by Elmer Grey.

Rookwood Renaissance
By Kathleen Donohue – Issue 90: Summer 2016
After a rise and fall, Rookwood pottery is back where it belongs.

Welcome to Philtophia
By Matt Hormann. Issue 89: Spring 2016
Engineer Phil Blum discovers that balance is the key to restoring his 102-year-old Craftsman home in Pasadena, thereby creating his own “Philtopia.”

Two Connecticut Yankees Head West
by David Kramer – Issue 87-88: Fall/Winter 2015
The Trutts’ appreciation for older homes culminates with this lovely bungalow in Portland.

Saving Bedford
By Leslie Dixon. Issue 86: Summer 2015
Since 1909 the Anthony/Kerry House has been home to creative and entrepreneurial genius. The current owners get creative in finding ways to save it.

The Harmony of a Craftsman
By David Kramer and Laszlo Remenyi. Issue 85: Spring 2015
Inspired by Greene & Greene, musician and record producer Richard Gibbs has built a state-of-the-art studio inside a coastal Craftsman bungalow.

California On The Potomac
By Gordon Bock – Issue 84: Winter 2014
In the Maryland portion of the greater Washington metropolitan area, most bungalows are vague about their stylistic origins. This one confidently stands out from the crowd.

In Harmony with Nature: A Pioneer Conservationist’s Bungalow Home

In Harmony with Nature: A Pioneer Conservationist’s Bungalow Home
By Robert G Bailey – Issue 83: Fall 2014
New Mexico magic inspires wilderness preservation and simple bungalow life.

Scaled for Living: Greene & Greene’s Chalet Bungalow Reborn
By Brian Wright – Issue 82: Summer 2014
An early Greene & Greene adapts to 21st-century Arts and Crafts living.

Wharton Esherick: Integrating Life, Art and Craft
by David Kramer – Issue 81: Spring 2014
The unique Pennsylvania home and studio of a visionary artist/craftsman, mindfully sculpted from the ground up, is the embodiment of organic architecture and a tribute to a life well lived.

A Portal to the Past on the Oregon Coast
By David Kramer – Issue 80: Winter 2014
Artistry and craft meet location, location, location.

A Good Surprise
By Tim Counts – Issue 79: Fall 2013
Doing most of the restoration herself, Sonja Dahl found delight around every corner.

Living Green in a Historic Chicago Bungalow
By Kathleen Donohue – Issue 78: Summer 2013
In a historic Chicago bungalow, a resourceful couple shows it’s easy being green and living sustainably.

Lakeland's Boomtime Bungalows
Lakeland’s Boomtime Bungalows

Staying Put in Parkside
By Douglas J. Forsyth – Issue 78: Summer 2013
A neighborhood beside an Olmsted-designed park in Buffalo has reclaimed its architectural heritage.

When Less is More
By Douglas J. Forsyth – Issue 77: Spring 2013
At Buffalo’s Darwin D. Martin House complex, now a National Historic Landmark, visitors admire the grandeur of the main house but imagine themselves living in the lovely Gardener’s Cottage or the Barton House, a “small and nearly perfect jewel.”

Hood Canal Bungalow
By Alan Herold – Issue 76: Winter 2012
A Northwest couple with differences in style and taste find common ground in building their dream house on an idyllic fjord of Puget Sound.

Spokane: Riverfront City of Parks and Bungalows
By John Luke – Issue 75: Fall 2012
Gateway to the Inland Empire in the Craftsman era, the city helped spark the environmental movement in the ’70s, reinventing itself in the process.

Cultivating Harmony: The Native Gardens of a Pasadena Bungalow
By Kathleen Donohue – Issue 75: Fall 2012
Indigenous plants, fertile imaginations and
generous spirits yield a spectacular garden
to live in.

A Timbered Marvel Glows Again
By John Luke – Issue 74: Summer 2012
Defying the odds, Faith and Mark Dymek went with their guts, followed their hearts and won.

Making it Work in Cleveland
By Douglas J Forsyth – Issue 73: Spring 2012
Rumors of Cleveland’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Steady gains in employment, vibrant historic neighborhoods and a lively arts scene show a city on the upswing. Still, as the locals say, “Ya gotta be tough.”

Bungalow Kitchens: Changing with the Times
By Sandra Vitzthum – Issue 72: Winter 2011
In the second installment in our kitchen series, we bring you an assortment of kitchens from homes featured in articles past, all showcasing your favorite room in the house.

The Sustainable Bungalow
By Robert G Bailey – Issue 71: Fall 2011
Sensible, practical and snug, the humble bungalow has always been the very definition of sustainability—generations before most of us had ever heard the word.

Taliesin West: Mindful Design for a Brutal Land
By Kathleen Donohue – Issue 70: Summer 2011
Built by hand with the muscle of the Taliesin Fellowship, Frank Lloyd Wright’s “floating ship on the desert” is still home to some of the original members—and to a unique architectural school.

Lakeland’s Boomtime Bungalows
By Lucy D. Jones – Issue 69: Spring 2011
When central Florida’s phosphate deposits were found in the 1880s, the discovery triggered an explosion of wealth that continued through the Bungalow era. Much of that heritage is preserved today in Lake Morton’s neighborhoods.

Warm Welcome
By Marie Via – Issue 68: Winter 2010
In upstate New York, a displaced Californian is given its mittens.

Quite Lovely in Its Place: Gartz Court at 100
By John Luke, With Robert Winter & Kevin Jon Henry – Issue 67: Fall 2010
In as centennial year, a quarter-century after being relocated to survive, a bungalow court makes a beautiful case for presentation.

Harris Lebus: Arts and Crafts Style for the Trade
By Nancy Hiller – Issue 66: Summer 2010
A search for the origins of a distinctively English Arts and Crafts sideboard uncovers a major manufacturer of early-20th-century furniture for the middle classes.

The Kiss of the Sun for Pardon: The Giunta Family Homestead and Farm
by Del Acosta – Issue 65: Spring 2010
The Craftsman-era Giunta farm and its 1925 farmhouse are a continuum from Ybor City’s past and an emblem of its enduring heritage.

The Pulps: Adventure and Art Between the World Wars

The Pulps: Adventure and Art Between the World Wars
By Roger Rittner – Issue 64: Winter 2009
The fiction magazines of early-20th- century America were escapist reading for millions of Americans who wanted to romanticize war, revel in the Jazz Age and forget the Depression. The art echoed the era.

Oh, You’ll Miss Me, Honey: When Phoenix Changed Its Mind and Saved the Orpheum
by John Luke – Issue 63: Fall 2009
Built for vaudeville, the ornate Orpheum Theater was a beloved but fading movie “palace” when the city decided to restore it as the anchor for a revived downtown.

Finding Willo
by Katherine Bair Desmond – Issue 62: Summer 2009
An eclectic Phoenix historic district has a way of making friends.

A Woodsy Neighbor In The City

A Woodsy Neighbor In The City
By Nan K Chase – Issue 61: Spring 2009
A compact bungalow in an old Asheville neighborhood makes arresting use of a rediscovered building material.

Historic Seminole Heights: Tampa’s First Suburb
by Helen Harmon – Issue 60: Winter 2008
Battered by hard times and cloven by an Interstate, Old Seminole Heights has made itself new again.

St. Petersburg’s Eclectic Bungalow Revival
by Stephanie Schorr – Issue 59: Fall 2008
The variety and charm of Historic Kenwood’s bungalows have attracted owners whose community spirit is manifest in opened-up porches and monthly celebrations.

by David Cathers – Issue 58: Summer 2008
The makers of “generic mission” furnishings dwelled in relative obscurity until Jill and Michael Clark opened up the world of affordable Arts and Crafts.

Miami’s Bungalows: Orphans of Perpetual Boom
by Jose Vazquez – Issue 57: Spring 2008
The first great Florida Boom gave birth to the region’s bungalows. The latest one threatens to wipe them out.

Artist’s Retreat: Maybeck and Magic in the Berkeley Hills
by John Ribovich – Issue 56: Winter 2007
With a view of the Golden Gate and within earshot of Cal’s Campanile, a house among the trees has long been a haven for creative spirits.

Bungalow Alchemy
by Julie Kolb – Issue 55: Fall 2007
An eclectic wand transforms a 1919 Craftsman from modest to magical.

Attracted to Opposites
by David Cathers – Issue 54: Summer 2007
As artists and craftsmen, George Ohr and Gustav Stickley could not have been more different — or, all things considered, more alike, as this exquisite New Jersey collection reveals.

Ocean’s Light: A Sun-Drenched Craftsman Overlooks the Pacific
by John Luke – Issue 53: Spring 2007
A spacious home was designed as a stage for expressing its owners’ shared passion for Arts and Crafts collecting.

Unaffected Elegance
by Judy Seckler – Issue 52: Winter 2006
Prolific architect Sylvanus Marston was one of a group of contemporaries who gave Pasadena bungalows their distinctive character. Now another of his masterful homes has been restored.

Navigating History: Piloting a Craftsman Houseboat Cruiser

Navigating History: Piloting a Craftsman Houseboat Cruiser
by Mick Woodbury – Issue 51: Fall 2006
The boat has the grandness of a 2,200-square-foot Craftsman house. The main difference? You can take it for a cruise to Alaska.

The Saga of House #14
by Jim Heuer – Issue 50: Summer 2006
In recovering the lost history of their home, determined owners also revived the reputation of one of Oregon’s seminal architects.


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