American Bungalow Magazine is published in the interest of preserving and restoring the modest American 20th century home, the Bungalow, and the rich lifestyle that it affords.

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Fall 2023 Update

The classic airplane bungalow featured in our logo is Twycross House, built in 1914 by Ruth and Converse Twycross as a wedding present to each other. In 1987, two years after Ruth’s passing, the family sold the house to John Brinkmann. The house became home to his graphic design office. Three years later it inspired American Bungalow magazine. And thirty-three years later the bungalow still serves as our headquarters.

Now Twycross House is up for sale.

We live in a time when information is “free” and abundant. To survive, printed material must be collectible. While the Digital Age might threaten print, publishing has become much easier, even when there’s a continent between correspondents. The need of Twycross House as an office has vanished. We’d like to see the house restored and well-cared-for, as we’d expect of subscribers.

Here’s the Realtor’s listing:

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