Below you’ll find PDF files of our most recent Arts & Crafts Profiles:

97 – Melton Workroom
Preserving and Enhancing a Vintage Tradition

96 – N/A

95 – N/A

94 – Indow Windows
Preserving Vintage Aesthetics with Modern-Day Innovation

93 – Barn Furniture
Designed to Last

92 – Heritage Tile
Recreating a Pre-war Past, One Tile at a Time.

91 – Pasadena Craftsman Tile
Old Traditions, New Designs

90 – Fay Jones Day
Crafting Tiles with a Personal Touch

89 – Arroyo Craftsman
Enduring artistry in a throwaway culture.

87/88 – Ohio Hardwood Furniture & The Mission Motif
Carefully crafted, custom expertise takes center stage. Also, John Benthal of The Mission Motif combines business know-how with his passion for the Arts & Crafts style.

86 – The Arts & Crafts Press
Yoshiko Yamamoto’s Letterpress Art

85 – Terra Firma
Handcrafted art tiles bring nature’s beauty indoors

84 – Tiger Rug
The Quality Story

83 – Ford Craftsman Studios
For Love of Design

82 – Celeski Studios
Thoughtfully Designed Furniture for Outside

81 – Peter and Marcie Maynard: The Cold River Collection
Inspired by painter George Caitlin, master craftsman Peter Maynard transforms American hardwoods into fine handcrafted furniture, connecting to the natural world with each magnificent piece.

80 – It’s Always In The Last Place You Look: Modern Bungalow
Creativity and business sense merge to create a passion that makes homes beautiful.

79 – Finding Your Own Path Can Lead Full Circle: Jemerick Art Pottery
Bringing passion and an Arts and Crafts sensibility to a wide audience.

78 – Liberating Love In Work: The Handwerk Shade Shop
Old-world craftsmanship and honest materials make the difference.

77 – The Arts & Crafts Aesthetic for Mans’ Best Friends: Bungalow Bob’s Pet Designs
Master woodworker and animal lover Bob Schroeder makes elegant Arts and Crafts-inspired pet furniture that appeals to the aesthetic tastes of bungalow enthusiasts across the country.

76 – Arts and Crafts Roots, Community Spirit: Fedde Furniture
A Pasadena icon now celebrating its 75th year, Fedde Furniture is a family business in every sense of the word, with a deep commitment to giving back.

75 – Born to be Wild: Craftsman Copper
Jamie Davies grew up amid the creative tumult of punk rock, hot rods and the skateboard culture. Through the alchemy of his art, he transmutes those raw influences into elegant lamps in the Van Erp tradition.

74 – Head, Heart, and Hand
For three decades, printmaker Carrie Jazwiecki and sculptor Bob Morrissey have teamed up with their clients to produce classic Arts and Crafts reproductions.

73 – Mission Guild Studios
In the picturesque town of Mount Vision in upstate New York, a husband-and-wife team of Roycroft artisans spend their days doing what they love— creating hand-crafted tiles, jewelry, furniture, pottery and artwork.

72 – Beautifully Measured Moments, Present Time Clocks
From Pasadena, California, to Acme, Washington, Jim Dailey has made more than 4,000 handcrafted clocks in twenty years, and has heard more jokes about time than he can count.

71 – Handcrafting a Life Less Ordinary
Forty years ago, Rick Badgley of RB Woodworking turned his back on Wall Street and headed for the mountains to craft Stickley reproductions in an underground woodshop—and he’s never regretted it for a second.

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