Issue 26 Table of Contents


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Summer 2000


Moment in the Sun: The Arroyo Guild
by Robert Winter
An artisan guild that helped to shape the California Arts and Crafts movement.

Textiles in the Arts & Crafts House
by Ann Wallace
Textiles were an important part of period bungalows.

New Construction
Rhapsody in Greene
by Michelle Gringeri-Brown and Peter Bennett
An ode to the Gamble House by a homeowner/craftsman.

Mary Jane Colter
by Karen Bartlett
The architect who left an Arts and Crafts design legacy second to none.

Shipshape Bungalow
by David Cathers
A wonderful collection of Roycroft and Stickley furniture in a New York State Bungalow.

Arts & Crafts Lodges
Go North: Arts and Crafts Architecture in the Canadian Rockies
by Richard D. Mohr
Sites worth exploring on your next Canadian jaunt.

Show Us What You’ve Done:
Uncovering the Past
by Frederic Handley
Unearthing a bungalow’s original architectural details.


A Letter from the Publisher

Open House: Letters to the Editor
Opinions and suggestions from our readers.

Bungalow Collectibles
by Mike Witt and Jimm Messineo
This issue’s topic: matte green art pottery.

American Bungalow Collection
Check out our additions …

Family Album
Eight more distinctive bungalows from house-proud owners.

Brass Light Gallery
by Michelle Gringeri-Brown
Stephen Kaniewski brings an enthusiasm for lighting to Milwaukee and beyond.

Bungalow Collectibles
by Jerry Cohen
A new feature on collecting: Installment I — Morris chairs.

Bungalow Style
by April Halberstadt
Review by Meg Lindsey.

From Our Friends
In Praise of the Kitchen
by Sylvia Dohnal
Remembering when the kitchen was the heart of the home.

New & Noteworthy
Tiles, lamps, bookends, textiles and more.

Kits and Other Treasures for the Home
The American Bungalow Collection
Arts and Crafts lamps, frames and more.

American Bungalow News
Winter and Spring events, preservation upgrades and news from the Arts and Crafts world.

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