Issue 28 Table of Contents


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Winter 2000


A Work of Art
by Michelle Gringeri-Brown
Two artists renovate their home and fill it with an eclectic Arts and Crafts collection.

The Bungalow Garage
by Dan Soine
A history of the bungalow-era garage.

Wild Wood Park: The Rediscovery of Henry Greene’s Sylvan Secret
by Edward R. Bosley
Two previously unknown cottages by the famous Pasadena architect.

At Home with American Bungalow
Exterior Paint Challenges
by Michelle Gringeri-Brown
The continuing saga of painting our own bungalow.

Show Us What You’ve Done:
Just Right for the Site
by Jackie Strigl
A new construction that presents a modest facade.

The August House
by Thomas Bate
Sweat equity turns a decaying bungalow into a real home.

The Bower: A Bungalow for the 21st Century
by Clay Lancaster
Fresh off the drawing board, a bungalow into a real home.

Show Us What You’ve Done:
California Bungalows: Two Living Room/Dining Room Renovations
by Mike Shine and Michelle Gringeri-Brown
Different approaches transform two typical bungalow interiors.


A Letter from the Publisher

Open House: Letters to the Editor
Opinions and suggestions from our readers.

American Bungalow Collection
Check out our additions …

Family Album
Eight more distinctive bungalows from house-proud owners.

Bungalow Recipes Worth Preserving
Old-time lemon icebox cookies from the Pierpoint Inn.

New & Noteworthy
Tiles, lamps, bookends, textiles and more.

Arts and Crafts Gardens
by Gertrude Jekyll and Lawrence Weaver
Review by Cathy Christovich.

Bungalow Collectibles: Arts & Crafts Metalwork
by Jerry Cohen
From Van Erp and Stickley to Heintz and Onodaga — a guide to collecting metalware.

Arts & Crafts Hardware
by Josephine Wortham
A cottage industry in Michigan taps into the Arts and Crafts market.

Kits and Other Treasures for the Home
The American Bungalow Collection
Arts and Crafts lamps, frames and more.

American Bungalow News
Winter and Spring events, preservation upgrades and news from the Arts and Crafts world.

From Our Friends
Casual Crafts
by Sylvia Dohnal
Creating a real family home with honest, simple materials and handmade crafts.

Bungalow Book Reviews — In Brief
by John Luke

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