Issue 2 Table of Contents

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Also reprinted in American Bungalow Classics

Letters to the Editor
Open House: Letters and Comments

“Rain-on-the-Roof” — A Summer Bungalow
From Keith’s Magazine, with a commentary by Robert Winter

The Comfortable House by Alan Gowans
Review by Michael W. R. Davis

Family Album

Saving the Past While Building New
by George B. Murry

Arts & Crafts:
The Early Modernist Movement in American Decorative Arts: 1894-1923
by Bruce Johnson

Getting Started: Collecting Original Arts & Crafts
by Susannah Clark

Buying Arts & Crafts Furniture
by Bruce Szopo

Marblehead: “Restraint in Form, Color and Design
by Gail Pike Hercher

Plein-Air Paintings for the Bungalow Craftsman
by Brian Stewart

Arts & Crafts and the American Indian
by Bruce Szopo

“Household Economics”
Reprint from Keith’s Magazine

Ideas for Saving Mother Earth
by Rita T, McGreevy

Exploring Bungalow Sub-Types
by Robert Schweitzer

How to Uncover and Reveal the Beauty of Interior Woodwork
by Vincent F. DeMarzor

Tax Credits Can Help Rehab Your Historic Bungalow
by Rita T. McGreeley

From The Advisory Board
by Rob Schweitzer

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