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Spring 2003


The Right Choice
by David Cathers
A Myron Hunt home houses a superb collection of paintings, pottery and furniture.

Rediscovering Jefferson Park:
California Bungalows from The Craftsman Magazine
by Bill Wood and Lori Foulke
Classic Stickley bungalows hidden in L.A.’s West Adams tract.

Bungalow Renovation
A Journey Worth Taking
by Michelle Gringeri-Brown
Restoring an airplane bungalow transforms a couple’s life.

Twin Triumphs
by Tim Counts
Two homes in Milwaukee get new leases on life.

Show Us What You’ve Done
Woodworker’s Odyssey
by David Mathias
A handmade approach to Arts and Crafts furniture.

Updating Bungalows
Arts & Crafts in Ann Arbor
by Michelle Gringeri-Brown
Kicking a plain carpenter bungalow up a notch.

Real Life
In Praise of Kit Homes
by Mark Billings
Illinois pre-cut houses still offer plenty of charm.

Bungalow on Main Street
by Patricia Clement McCulloch
A family home in every sense of the word.


A Letter from the Publisher

Open House: Letters to the Editor
Opinions and suggestions from our readers.

American Bungalow Collection
Check out our additions …

Family Album
Eight more distinctive bungalows from house-proud owners.

New & Noteworthy
Tiles, lamps, bookends, textiles and more.

Whit McLeod: Old Timber Reborn
by John Luke
Reclaimed wood sets this craftsman apart.

California Pottery: From Missions to Modernism
by Bill Stern and Peter Brenner.
Review by John Luke

The Crafter’s Heritage
Meet our new coffee table from craftsman collaborator Patrick Dickson.

American Bungalow News
Spring events, news, and preservation upgrades from the Arts and Crafts world.

American Arts and Crafts Textiles
by Dianne Ayres, Timothy L. Hansen,
Beth Ann McPherson, Tommy
Arthur McPherson II
Review by Randy Brolander

From Our Friends
Coming Full Circle
by Judith McGinnis
Back home in a small Texas Bungalow.

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