Issue 42 Table of Contents


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Summer 2004


Arts & Crafts Roots
Roycroft Heritage
by Marjorie Searl
A family tie to the Roycrofters shapes a home and four generations.

Wild Rose: The Quintessential
Bungalow Neighborhood
by Michelle Gringeri-Brown
Monrovia, Calif., has countless bungalows, but none more
charming than those on Wild Rose Avenue.

Show Us What You’ve Done
It’s Not a Closet, It’s a Bath
by Jennifer and Dan Harrison
A couple converts an underused closet into a compact half-bath.

Arts & Crafts Collections
Destined to Collect
by David Cathers
Stickley’s earliest work is showcased in
a unique Moderne setting.

House Archeology
Vintage Bungalow Photographs
by Michael Williams
Old postcards and photos from the Arts and Crafts era.

Preservation Made Personal
Looking Forward, Looking
Backward in an Arts and Crafts Gem
by John Luke
An academic approach to renovating a home — and a neighborhood.

Show Us What You’ve Done
Less is More
by Diane Gordon
Rethinking a Denver bungalow interior — going smaller.

New Construction
Windsong Trail
by Josephine Wortham
A custom home in Texas with handcrafted roots.


A Letter from the Publisher

Open House: Letters to the Editor
Readers share their feedback and recent discoveries.

Family Album
Some of the best bungalows in the Midwest, East and West.

New & Noteworthy
Furniture, needlework, sinks and paint for your bungalow.

Arts & Crafts Profile
International Door and Latch:
Making Every Door a Perfect Fit
by John Luke

by Jane Powell and Linda Svendsen
Review by John Luke

American Bungalow Collection
Unique collectibles for gift giving.

American Bungalow News
The latest events, auction news and preservation updates.

From Our Friends
An Icy Storm
by Amy Rogers
A 1925 bungalow comes through like a trooper.

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The Bungalow Bookstore
Our expanded listing of Arts and Crafts volumes.

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