Issue 46 Table of Contents


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Summer 2005


A Little Slice of Paradise
by David Cathers
A Maine lodge comes alive when filled with family and friends.

Arts & Crafts Memorabilia
The Art of the Bungalow
by Michael Williams
Selling the bungalow lifestyle to the public: charming vintage ephemera.

Swept Away
by Tim Counts
A St. Paul, Minn., home right out of The Craftsman.

Architectural History
Preserving Tradition
by Karla Wotruba
A fraternity entrusted with a Louis Sullivan home in Madison,Wisc.

Bleecker Street Bungalow
by David Cathers
Filling a Greenwich Village apartment with great Arts and Crafts finds.

Bungalow History
by Linda Raven
Canines play a big role in the past and present of a New Jersey home.

Show Us What You’ve Done
Bungalow Archeology
by Patricia Anderson
One woman’s story of saving a vandalized cottage.

On the Cover:
Rescued from a barn and still in its original frame, this bold, WPA-era painting by Peggy Reid captures the joys of boating, fishing and camping in Maine’s pristine lakes and wooded mountains. The 1901 rocking chair is a hard-to-find Stickley piece originally offered with roan skin upholstery at the hefty price of $22.25, and the settle to the left is of the same vintage but is an even rarer find. A flea-market iron floor lamp lights the scene.


A Letter from the Publisher

Open House: Letters to the Editor

Family Album
Our readers’ send in their photos of bungalows old and new.

Perspective on Antiques
with David Rudd
Straight talk on Life-Time, patination, Heintz and a pre-Arts and Crafts arm chair.

New & Noteworthy
Handmade furniture, Wright’s china and kitchen and bath fixtures.

Arts & Crafts Profile
Berkeley Mills: A Premium on Good Work
by John Luke
A strong work ethic and devotion to hand-crafted furniture resonates with buyers.

American Bungalow News
Plan your summer events and catch up on preservation issues.

From Our Friends
New Vs. Old
by Bill Casteel
Finding much to love in both the vintage and modern crafter camps.

Directory of Advertisers

Bungalow: The Ultimate Arts & Crafts Home
by Jane Powell and Linda Svendsen
Review by John Luke

The Bungalow Bookstore
Books, cards and CD-Roms for your collection.

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