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Winter 2005


Historic Homes
The Marston House at 100:
Hoping for Many Happy Returns
by John Luke
Irving Gill’s “Arts and Crafts treasure,” stately
and grand outside, is surpisingly friendly
and intimate inside.

Arts & Crafts Memforbilia
Selling the Ideal: Poster Stamps and Bungalows
by Jim Kane and Tom Minor
At the dawn of American mass marketing,
bungalows and a modest advertising medium
found one another.

Poetry in Pennsylvania
by Michelle Gringeri-Brown
The town doctor’s Foursquare gets an update
that blends tradition with today.

Engineered to Perfection
by Tim Counts
Exacting young homeowners are a match
for a 1924 bungalow.

Bungalow Lifestyle
Bungalow as Center of Their Universe
by Thomas Shess
A 1912 bungalow and its distinguished
furnishings tie the generations together.

DeLand, Florida:
Architectural Revitalization in Action
by Maggi Hall

Saving the Neighborhoods
by Hernandez Gomez
Central Florida bungalows get a new lease
on life, one at a time.

Show Us What You’ve Done
The Long Trip to Arts & Crafts
by Bill Casteel
A couple brings bungalow sensibilities to
building a new home in Michigan.


A Letter from the Publisher

Open House: Letters to the Editor

Family Album
Photos from across the bungalow nation.

Perspective on Antiques
with David Rudd
Is it a collectible or just a nice piece of used
furniture? Plus: evaluating vintage and condition,
and deciding about insurance.

New & Noteworthy
Arts and Crafts carpets, wallpaper and tiles;
a media console; and AutoCAD-drawn shop
plans for vintage furniture pieces.

Arts & Crafts Profile
Mission Studio:
Practical Beauty in the Stickley Style
by John Luke
A Wisconsin family’s woodworking heritage
finds a new home in California’s San Diego
County foothills.

The Arts & Crafts Collector’s Guide
by David Rago with Suzanne Sliker and David Rudd
Review by John Luke

American Bungalow News
Plan your fall Arts and Crafts events calendar
and catch up on bungalow news.

Directory of Advertisers

From Our Friends
Would Morris Approve?
by Christine Igot
Falling for an Arts and Crafts piece that’s beautiful …
but not all that useful.

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