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Summer 2007


Attracted to Opposites
by David Cathers
As artists and craftsmen, George Ohr and Gustav Stickley could not have been more different — or, all things considered, more alike, as this exquisite New Jersey collection reveals.

Residence Parks:
An American Vision Reborn
Prototypes of suburbia, these early-20th-
century urban oases are being reclaimed as
human-scaled alternatives to sprawl.

Part I: Palm Haven
by Michael Borbely
Wondering what his neighborhood looked
like when its 100-foot palms were only
20 feet tall, the author uncovered one of
America’s first urban residential “escapes.”

Part II: Hanchett Park
by Beth Wyman
The author updates the report on a unique
neighborhood she wrote for the inaugural
issue of American Bungalow

Bungalow History
Berwyn: Chicagoland’s
Hidden Treasure
by Mike Williams
Between 1890 and 1930, immigrants refined the
canonical Chicago bungalow with a rich
infusion of eastern European culture to
create masterpieces of the form.

Brand New Bungalows
Craftsmanship, Collaboration and Place:
Greene and Greene Inspire an
Arkansas Ozarks Craftsman
by Daryl Rantis with Jennifer Fulford
The challenge: create a home in the Greene
and Greene California style that responds –
and will belong — to a very different
kind of place.

Departments and Craftsman Resources

A Letter from the Publisher

Open House: Letters to the Editor
A reader finds a way to solve the mysterious
Peggy Reid problem, and another explains how
“the color of fumed oak” is achieved.

Family Album
From Missouri and elsewhere around the land, readers share their bungalow restoration and preservation achievements.

Perspective on Antiques with David Rudd
Our consultant responds to readers’
questions on vintage furnishings.

New & Noteworthy
Elegant hardwood furniture for the home,
along with new creations from Susan Hebert
and Helen Foster. Plus hand-built Craftsman
clocks and state-of-the-art tile installation.

Arts & Crafts Profile
Crown Jewel of Hardware:
Crown City Hardware
by Terry Tsujioka
It all began with the restoration of a
historic neighborhood and a search for
crystal cabinet knobs.

Driving Mr. Gartner
by Michael Gartner
A long life on foot — and in the passenger seat.

Kit Homes
by Rich Binsacca
A practical, informative and welcoming guide to the
wide world of kit homes as Sears Modern Homes
might have packaged them using today’s building
systems and materials.

American Bungalow News
The Gamble House from the inside out:
a very special tour. And it’s a special
summer of tours and events in Chicago
and in upstate New York.

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From Our Friends
Plenty: In Praise of a Small House
by Minke Sundseth
Like the inside of a boat, everything must
have a place, no space can be wasted,
and there is a certain beauty in that..

The Bungalow Bookstore
The New Bungalow Kitchen hits the
shelves, along with new books of
bungalow plans and designs. .

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