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Spring 2008


Arts and Crafts Roots
A Down East Bungalow Cottage,
Built by Hand
by Helen Foster
Wanting to build a house that is authentic and makes sense, the stencil artist drew inspiration from her family’s Arts and Crafts-era Maine camp.

Historic Preservation
Miami’s Bungalows:
Orphans of Perpetual Boom
by Jose Vazquez
The first great Florida Boom gave
birth to the region’s bungalows. The
latest one threatens to wipe them out.

Jolted to Perfection
by John Like
The earthquake hit the Pacific
Northwest on February 28th, 2001.
For Cheryl and Jeff Petra, it was a wake-up gift.

Historic Homes
Recreating an Authentic
Chicago Bungalow Exterior
by Michael Williams
Restoring a Chicago bungalow to its
original multicolored splendor can be a
rewarding labor of love and discovery.

New Construction
A Craftsman Revival for a
California Lifestyle
by R. A. Lovka
Nick and Ruth Clemence adapted
Greene & Greene’s approach to interior
spaces to produce a family home with
an indoor-outdoor California ambience.


Open House: Letters to the Editor
Residents of Denver’s Highlands recognize
their home, Jane Powell inspires and
readers renew their interest in the
bungalow home office.

Family Album
From coast to coast, readers share
their bungalow restoration and
preservation achievements.

Perspective on Antiques with David Rudd
Our consultant responds to readers’
questions on vintage furnishings.

New & Noteworthy
Ravens, owls, and blue herons animate
Craftsman lanterns. Other Spring offerings
include Craftsman vanities, hand-hammered
copper lighting fixtures, door grilles, elegant
new Moster stools and a new addition to a
distinguished line of commemorative tiles.

Where We Lived: Discovering the
Places We Once Called Home
by Jack Larkin

Arts & Crafts Profile
Sharing an Arts and Crafts Life: Voorhees Craftsman
by Terry Tsujioka
Steve and Mary Ann Voorhees are
true partners, passionate collectors
and dedicated furniture makers.

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From Our Friends
Bungalow Instincts
by Diane Reicher Jacobs, AIA
Any house harbors memories, and
understanding it requires a special
kind of remembering.

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