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Fall 2008


Historic Homes
A Copper-Mine Gem with a Multifaceted History
by Tim Counts
The restoration of a sprawling
1908–1910 Arizona Craftsman opens
a window into the life of an accomplished
mining manager and suggests a
Minnesota–Arizona Arts and Crafts connection.

Historic Neighborhoods
Historic Kenwood
Three articles portray life in this
resurgent eclectic neighborhood near
downtown St. Petersburg, Florida,
where color and vitality have triumphed
over crime and decay.

St. Petersburg’s Eclectic Bungalow Revival
by Stephanie Schorr
The variety and charm of Historic Kenwood’s
bungalows have attracted owners whose
community spirit is manifest in opened-up
porches and monthly celebrations.

Sunnyside Up: A Florida Bungalow
with a Colorful Twist
by Sarah Hilbert
Christine and Tom Bauer’s nondescript
home was a blank slate. Now it’s a
burst of color.

Gallery of Delight
by Stephanie Schorr
A potter and her husband have made
Kenwood’s original developer’s model
home into an art-filled gallery, cafe
and community center.

The Music of Their Lives:
Remembering the Darwin D. Martin House
by Eric Jackson-Forsburg
In 1904, Wright set out to compose
a “domestic symphony.” A century later,
a multimillion-dollar renovation is underway.

New Construction
On Native Grounds
by John Luke
A hand-built home graces land once
home to the Anasazi.


A Letter from the Publisher

Open House: Letters to the Editor
Modestly, we share a little love from our readers.

Family Album
From coast to coast, readers share
their bungalow restoration and preservation

Perspective on Antiques with David Rudd
Our consultant responds to readers’
questions on vintage furnishings.

New & Noteworthy
Outdoors and in, an array of artistic
solutions for graceful Arts and Crafts living.

House Colors
by Susan Hershman

Arts & Crafts Profile
El Dorado Woodworks: Making Picture-Perfect Furniture
by Terry Tsujioka
Richard Loper didn’t realize it as a
boy growing up in Delaware, but tinkering
in his family’s basement fostered two
hobbies that would become careers.

American Bungalow News
Under faithful stewardship,
Boettcher Mansion gets a major upgrade.

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From Our Friends
Past Time
by Mark R. Johnson
An old Craftsman’s worn floors, the
stands above a freshly mown minor-league
baseball diamond: American places.

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