Issue 5 Table of Contents

5Sold Out

Letters to the Editor
Open House: Letters and Comments

The Inglenook
by Gregory Zompolis

The Arts and Crafts Movement in California: Living the Good Life
Review by Robert Winter.

Everything Old is New Again
Designers Rediscovering the Bungalow
by Rob Schweitzer

Stained Glass and the Arts and Crafts Movement
by William Judson

The Craftsman’s Corner
Making an Arts and Crafts Embroidered Pillow
by Dianne Ayres

Harvey Ellis: Architect
by Jean R. France

Harvey Ellis: The Lure of the Beautiful
by Maria Via

Architectural Round Table
Architectural historians and architects discuss issues of interest

Meadow Brook — An Author’s Dream Bungalow
by Clay Lancaster

The Bungalow in Mobile, Alabama
by Elizabeth Barrett Gould

Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Conference

Bungalow Types
The Double Front-Gabled Bungalow
by Rob Schweitzer

Family Album

From The Advisory Board
by Clay Lancaster

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