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63Fall 2009


Oh, You’ll Miss Me, Honey: When Phoenix Changed Its Mind and Saved the Orpheum 34
by John Luke
Built for vaudeville, the ornate Orpheum Theater was a beloved but fading movie “palace” when the city decided to restore it as the anchor for a revived downtown.

Built to last in Kansas City 50
by John Luke
The big limestome Foursquare fell into loving and capable hands when Jae McKcKeown and Robin Rusconi bought it in 1994. Today it symbolizes their dedication to an Arts and Crafts way of life.

Seeing the Southwest: Introducing a Series of Articles on Southwest Architecture and Design 66
By The Editor
The movement of Euro-Americans into the country’s Southwest region produced a stylistic fusion of Arts and Crafts, Native American and Mission influences that is unique and wholly American.

Light, River, Rock, Tree:
Phantom Ranch’s Elemental Music 70
By Henry Karpinski
In 1922, the Fred Harvey Company turned to Mary Jane Colter to create a cabin resort on the Grand Canyn floor that seemed and still seems to have grown there.

Old World, Green World 86
By Ruth Mullen
In which the author asks what is “green” about expending enormous amounts of energy tearing down 100-year-old buildings to make way for shiny new ones.

A Craftsman’s Character Reclaimed 96
By John Luke
When Carolyn and Tom Owen-Towle asked architectural historian and preservationist Rurik Kallis to restore a window, then a room, they realized they would have to bring it all home.


A Letter from the Publisher 1

Open House: Letters to the Editor 8
Permission to share, and more on bungalow windows..

Family Album 16
From coast to coast, readers share their bungalow restoration and preservation achievements.

Perspective on Antiques 22
with David Rudd
Our consultant responds to readers’ questions on vintage furnishings.

New & Noteworthy (PDF) 27
A selection of Arts and Crafts–inspired amenities for contemporary living.

Arts & Crafts Profile
The Beauty of Everyday Things (PDF) 108
By John Luke
Joseph Mross’s metal work is the perfect expression of his commitment to balancing art and utility.

The Exploration of the Colorado River and It’s Canyons
by J.W. Powell

Beyond the Hundredth Meridian
by Wallace Stegner

American Bungalow News 115
A busy summer tour season ahead. But first, historic preservation and the Stimulus Plan, and Robert Winter gets his due … again.
From Our Friends
Design Matters124

By J. Douglas Lipscomb, AIA

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