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The Wealth of Craftsmanship 36
By Douglas J. Forsyth
Multitalented artist and craftsman Jeff
Bloomer has shown us how to have a house
that looks like a million dollars, without
the dollars.

Harris Lebus: Arts and Crafts Style
for the Trade 52
By Nancy Hiller
A search for the origins of a distinctively
English Arts and Crafts sideboard uncovers
a major manufacturer of early-20th-century
furniture for the middle classes.

Historic Neighborhoods:
At Home on the Bayshore
After more than a century, the graceful
Tampa Bay neighborhood of Hyde Park
has a wealth of stories to tell. Here are a
few of them.

Lessons from a Blue Bungalow 64
by Laura Lionetti Barton
Laura and Mike Barton had never before
been bewitched by a house. This one taught
them its secrets.

Standing Strong Together 78
The blue bungalow’s history opened a
window on the origins of the Hyde Park

The Bungalows of Tampa’s Hyde Park 82
By Lucy D. Jones
Created as part of a city bursting into the
Industrial Age, Hyde Park is now tempered
by its survival into the 21st century.

The Train Stopped Here:
The Southwest and the Santa Fe 96
By John Luke
With its Mission Revival depots and its
embrace of American Indian iconography,
the Santa Fe Railway helped give the Southwest
its unique and enduring identity.

Departments and Craftsman

A Letter from the Publisher 1

Open House: Letters to the Editor 8
Greetings from Africa; remodeling around
books, animals and cookies; the importance
of the ginkgo; and more from readers.

Family Album 14
From coast to coast, readers share their
pride in their bungalows.

Perspective on Antiques 20
with David Rudd
Our consultant responds to readers’
questions on vintage furnishings.

New & Noteworthy 26
A selection of Arts and Crafts–inspired
amenities for contemporary living.
Arts and Crafts Profile

“For heavens’ sakes, call us.” 110
By John Luke
In conversation and through their Web site,
Rita Rocheford and Colleen Convey project
a Midwestern affability that complements the
precision and delicacy they put into their
house-number tiles.

American Bungalow News 115
Summer events, Robie House at 100, and
rethinking preservation at the dawn of an
era of greening.

Directory of Advertisers 124

From Our Friends
The Remodeler Regrets 126
By Dave Miller

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