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Bungalow Features

A Tribute to the Craftsman 18
By Tim Counts
A Portland, Ore., couple gives pride of place to the craftspeople who created their modern-day classic.

Sense and Sensibility 46
By Trish Oliver
Patience and thoughtful planning bring
an old bungalow back to life.

Staying Put in Parkside 62
By Douglas J. Forsyth
A neighborhood beside an Olmsted-designed
park in Buffalo has reclaimed its
architectural heritage.

Shedding Light on Roycroft Lamps 80
By David Kornacki
In 1913, Roycroft craftsmen began producing
elegant metal lighting for the first time.
Down on the Urban Farm

Living Green in a Historic
Chicago Bungalow 92
By Kathleen Donohue
In a historic Chicago bungalow, a
resourceful couple shows it’s easy
being green and living sustainably.

Save a Tree:
Say Goodbye to Your Lawn 102
By Beth Berger Martin
The grass isn’t always greener: the author
and Chicago urban farmer shares the joys
of going lawn-less.

Departments and
Craftsman Resources

A Letter from the Publisher 1

Open House: Letters to the Editor 8
Readers weigh in on Latin, firs, stone houses
and William Morris’s timeless adage.

Family Album 14
From coast to coast, readers share their
pride in their bungalows.

Perspective on Antiques 36
With David Rudd
Buttressed vases, tenons that aren’t,
and more.

New & Noteworthy 40
A selection of Arts and Crafts–inspired
amenities for today’s bungalow lifestyle.

Arts and Crafts Profile
Handwerk Shade Shop 106
Old-world craftsmanship and honest
materials make the difference.

From Our Friend s
Buffalo’s Treasures are
Worth Preserving 109
By Aaron Krolikowski

Directory of Advertisers 110

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