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Spring 2014

Bungalow Features

The Foss Company of Pasadena 20
by John G. Ripley
Farmer’s son Robert Foss brought his building skills from New Hampshire to sunny California, heading a design/build firm that bridged the gap between the commercial interests of the builder and the artistic realm of the architect.

Wharton Esherick: Integrating Life,
Art and Craft 40
by David Kramer
The unique Pennsylvania home and studio of a visionary artist/craftsman, mindfully sculpted from the ground up, is the embodiment of organic architecture and a tribute to a life well lived.

Kindred Spirits 56
by Susan Futterman
The author explores Harvey Ellis’s triangular friendship with artists M. Louise Stowell and Claude Bragdon. They lived a glorious decade in Rochester, N.Y., as “life in Bohemia.”

Eureka! I Have Found it 70
by Robert Winter
The recently re-discovered Lawrence F.
Puter house in Eureka, Calif. yields rare
insight into the eclectic minds of the
Heineman brothers.

A New American Arts and Crafts
Destination 80
by David Rudd
AB’s antiques expert takes you on a
delicious tour of one of the top Arts and
Crafts collections in the country, the
Two Red Roses Collection.

The Talented Mr. Cutter and his
Amazing Northwest Bungalow 97
by Lee Jester
A wistful look back at the long-lost
“Chalet Hohenstein,” the marvelous Spokane
home of one of the Pacific Northwest’s most
important architects.

Departments and
Craftsman Resources

A Letter from the Publisher 1

Open House: Letters to the Editor 8
In praise of doves, the story behind a
beautiful stack of bricks, and featured
homeowners share their wisdom.

Family Album 14
From coast to coast, readers share their
pride in their bungalows.

New & Noteworthy 36
A selection of Arts and Crafts–inspired
amenities for today’s bungalow lifestyle.

The World of Arts and Crafts 95
by Bruce Johnson
Reflections on the Movement and its revival.

Arts and Crafts Profile
Cold River Furniture 106
by Lee Jester
Inspired by painter George Caitlin, master
craftsman Peter Maynard transforms
American hardwoods into fine handcrafted
furniture, connecting to the natural world
with each magnificent piece.

From Our Friends
My Kunstkammer 108
by Toni Devereaux

Directory of Advertisers 110

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