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Summer 2014

Scaled for Living: Greene & Greene’s Chalet Bungalow Reborn 16
By Brian Wright
An early Greene & Greene adapts to 21st-century Arts and Crafts living.

Polishing a St. Paul Gem 46
By Tim Counts
Father and son team up to create a
home with a cozy legacy.

Living in a Julia Morgan 62
By Lee Jester
An architectural treasure nurtures
life’s bounty.

A Tale of Two Owners 82
By David Kramer
The shared love of a mountain, a lodge
and a home bonds two couples.

The Quiet Sumptuousness
of Sam Maclure 96
By James Winter and Robert Winter
A tribute to a worthy Canadian Arts and
Crafts architect.

Departments and Craftsman Resources

A Letter from the Publisher 1
Open House: Letters to the Editor 8
Missing posters, poppy dreams, flag protocol
and saving an Austin bungalow.

Family Album 12
From coast to coast, readers share their
pride in their bungalows.

New & Noteworthy 36
A selection of Arts and Crafts–inspired
amenities for today’s bungalow lifestyle.

Perspective on Antiques 40
By David Rudd
The Morris Chair: A Brief History

Cornucopia in a Jar 78
By John Luke

The World of Arts and Crafts 105
By Bruce Johnson

Arts and Crafts Profile
Celeski Studios: Thoughtfully
Designed Furniture for Outside 106

From Our Friends
Family Pictures 109
By Sylvia Dohnal

Directory of Advertisers 110

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