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Fall 2006


Embrace the Darkness
by Jane Powell
In which the author explains why bungalows
are often dark, and how to live well with the
consequences, with a tour of her own “Fabulous Bunga-Mansion” in Oakland, Calif.

Only in L.A.: Mayan Fantasy
by Rebecca Kuzins
Robert Stacy-Judd envisioned an
“All-American” architecture drawn from
Pre-Columbian sources. His Atwater
Bungalows are its purest, quirkiest expression.

Readers’ Renovation
A Classic Pasadena Craftsman is New- and Old-Again
by John Luke
Committed owners spend 10 years getting to know their home, then reinvent it for a new age.

Brand New Bungalows
Craftsman Distilled: An Artist’s Bungalow Makeover
by Judy Seckler
A sculptor with a tiny old house and an
eye for bungalow design elects to stay in
the neighborhood she loves.

Navigating History
Navigating History: Piloting a Craftsman Houseboat 
by Mick Woodbury
The boat has the grandness of a 2,200-square-foot Craftsman house. The main difference? You can take it for a cruise to Alaska.

Show us What You’ve Done
The Little Bungalow that Came Back
By Ken Widmeyer
He said he was looking for his grandparents’ house. All he needed was something to work with.

Departments and Craftsman Resources

A Letter from the Publisher

Open House: Letters to the Editor

Family Album
From Missouri and elsewhere around the land, readers share their bungalow restoration and preservation achievements.

Perspective on Antiques with David Rudd
Our consultant responds to readers’
questions on vintage furnishings.

Arts & Crafts Profile
Drawing from the Past – Two Views,
One Vision: CJ Hurley Century Arts
by Terry Tsujioka
A meticulous artist finds inspiration in
Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Building with Nature
By Leslie M. Freudenheim
Review by John Luke

American Bungalow News
The restored Barn at Fallingwater adds
new attractions to Frank Lloyd Wright’s
iconic setting.

Directory of Advertisers

From Our Friends
Front Porch Memories
by Wallace R. Cromwell
Once a treasured gathering space,
the front porch seems to be making a comeback.

The Bungalow Bookstore
As the weather begins to cool, now is the
time to explore autumn reading and begin
planning for the holidays.

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