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Bungalow Features

Cultivating Harmony: The Native Gardens of a Pasadena Bungalow 20
By Kathleen Donohue
Indigenous plants, fertile imaginations and
generous spirits yield a spectacular garden
to live in.

Going Native: Finding Plants that
Belong in Your Bungalow Garden 34
Across the continent, the native-plant
movement is spreading. Here’s how to
join the fun.

The Storied Past of an Old Stone Barn 48
By Kathleen Donohue
With its unique history, this century-old
complex of farm buildings has stories to
tell and songs to sing.

New Wine in Old Bottles:
The Art of Neighborhood Preservation 62
By James Winter and Robert Winter
How a Houston neighborhood of 1920s
bungalows became the setting for a visionary
artistic institution.

Spokane: Riverfront City of Parks
and Bungalows 70
By John Luke
Gateway to the Inland Empire in the
Craftsman era, the city helped spark the
environmental movement in the ’70s,
reinventing itself in the process.

Bungalow on the River 80
By Kathy Morgan
Quality materials and thoughtful design
have kept this comfortable bungalow
serving its purpose for 90 years.

Rebirth in the Urban Village 92
By Douglas J. Forsyth
A 1914 stylish Craftsman residence for one of
Detroit’s elite business families, the stylish Martz
House emerged from the Post–WW II doldrums to
embody today’s hopes for renewal.

Departments and
Craftsman Resources

A Letter from the Publisher 1

Open House: Letters to the Editor 8
Readers offer their appreciation, suggestions,
questions and corrections.

Family Album 14
From coast to coast, readers share their
pride in their bungalows.

Perspective on Antiques 40
With David Rudd
Our consultant responds to readers’
questions on vintage furnishings.

New & Noteworthy 44
A collection of Arts and Crafts–inspired
amenities for today’s bungalow lifestyle.

Arts and Crafts Profile
Born to be Wild: Craftsman Copper 104
Jamie Davies grew up amid the creative
tumult of punk rock, hot rods and the
skateboard culture. Through the alchemy of
his art, he transmutes those raw influences
into elegant lamps in the Van Erp tradition.

Dard Hunter: The Graphic Works 106
By Lawrence Kreisman
Reviewed by John Luke

From Our Friends
Boo-Boo 109
By Elizabeth DeKam

Directory of Advertisers 110

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